Coal Plants map

We are resisting, we are standing up against these dirty coal plants that are jeopardizing our health and damaging our environment.

Coal in Turkey’s Energy and Climate Policies Coal

 Coal, which has a 29% share in the world’s primary energy supply, accounts for 40% of global electricity generation. Coal comprises 44% of global CO2 emissions resulting from fossil fuels. As the energy source that has caused the most greenhouse gas emissions, coal is the primary cause of climate change.
 The share of coal, oil, and gas in Turkey’s primary energy supply was 88% in 2013. Almost more than 70% of electricity is produced from fossil fuels. Total installed capacity is 71 GW, 20.5% of this coming from coal-fired power plants. The installed capacity of coal-fired power plants has increased by 77% when compared to 2004. Turkey, in which greenhouse gas emissions increased 110% in 2013 when compared to 1990, is among the top 20 emitters in the world. The share of coal in its total emissions is approximately 33%, and coal emissions have increased by 130% during this time period.