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 Coal, which has a 29% share in the world’s primary energy supply, accounts for 40% of global electricity generation. Coal comprises 44% of global CO2 emissions resulting from fossil fuels. As the energy source that has caused the most greenhouse gas emissions, coal is the primary cause of climate change.
 The share of coal, oil, and gas in Turkey’s primary energy supply was 88% in 2013. Almost more than 70% of electricity is produced from fossil fuels. Total installed capacity is 71 GW, 20.5% of this coming from coal-fired power plants. The installed capacity of coal-fired power plants has increased by 77% when compared to 2004. Turkey, in which greenhouse gas emissions increased 110% in 2013 when compared to 1990, is among the top 20 emitters in the world. The share of coal in its total emissions is approximately 33%, and coal emissions have increased by 130% during this time period.


Green Suluova Platform

We Don’t Want A Thermal Power Plant in Suluova


Why do you want to kill us ?

What harm has Suluova ever done to you ?

You don’t have the right to kill us.

We want a life free of coal!

We are humans. We cannot survive without soil, water and air. Humanity is not about money. This is what we know, this is what we say. So, what to do against the coal-fired power plant casting dark clouds over our land? Resist! Because we know that the power plant will turn our future into ash. It will impoverish our soil, intoxicate our air and water and make us sick and leave us homeless. When our children and grandchildren grow up, won’t they ask about what happened when they see old photos and hear the things told? Won’t they ask ‘what have you done to these places?’ They will. Are we going to say: “You are breathing dirty air because the authorities at the time approved it to be so”? We cannot. Our legacy to them should be clean air and unspoiled nature. We will fight primarily for this. Because, like we said, as opposed to what power plant people think, humanity is not about money.

for the petition : http://www.change.org/tr/kampanyalar/amasya-suluova-ya-termik-santral-yapılmasına-lütfen-izin-vermeyin-rt-erdogan-yesilsuluova




Liveable Zonguldak Platform

It is formed to stop building of power plant units and limit carbon emissions, and thus prevent air, water, soil and sea pollutions caused by thermal power plants.


Environmental issues that have reached extreme levels and health problems caused by those, especially by air pollution in Zonguldak and nearby areas are increasing. In order to fight against the Power Plant frenzy that will render the situation even more hazardous, and to stop building of new Thermal Power Plant units and carbon emissions, and thus prevent air, water, soil and sea pollution caused by thermal power plants; a Work Group consisting of representatives from various institutions, associations and non-governmental organizations was formed and started to work in cooperation for ‘A Liveable Zonguldak’ in 29.01.2013. The institutions, associations and non-governmental organizations participating in ‘A Liveable Zonguldak’ work group are as follows:

  • Zonguldak Municipalty
  • Kilimli Municipalty
  • Zonguldak Bar
  • Union of Energy of Turkey (Türk Enerji- Sen) Zonguldak Branch
  • City Council
  • Chamber of Mining Engineers Zonguldak Representative
  • Chamber of Architects Zonguldak Representative
  • Chamber of City Planners Zonguldak Representative
  • Chamber of Chemical Engineers Zonguldak Representative
  • Chamber of Agricultural Engineers Zonguldak Representative
  • Chamber of Agriculture Zonguldak Representative
  • TEMA Zonguldak Provincial Representative
  • Zonguldak Culture and Education Foundation (Zonguldak Kültür ve Eğitim Vakfı)
  • Zonguldak Environmental Conservation Association (Zonguldak Çevre Koruma Derneği)
  • Zonguldak Association of Mukhtars (Zonguldak Muhtarlar Derneği)
  • Çatalağzı Environmental Conservation Association (Çatalağzı Çevre Koruma Derneği)
  • Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği) Zonguldak Branch
  • Association for Developing Çaycuma and Its Villages (Çaycuma ve Köylerini Kalkındırma Derneği)
  • City Council Environment Work Group
  • City Council Women’s Assembly
  • City Council Urbanism Work Group
  • Kilimli Community Center (Kilimli Halkevi Derneği)
  • Kandilli Solidarity House (Kandilli Dayanışma Evi Derneği)
  • Zonguldak Animal Rights Association (Zonguldak Hayvan Hakları Derneği)
  • Çınartepe Neighbourhood Mukhtarship

The Work Group is open to any willing institution, association and NGO for participation.

Liveable Zonguldak Platform

Incumbent spokesperson Kadir Orhan: 0544 564 34 57

for the petition : http://www.change.org/tr/kampanyalar/erdoganbayraktr-koksaltoptan-zonguldak-ta-yeni-termik-santral-istemiyoruz-komursuzomur

for the petition : http://www.change.org/tr/kampanyalar/t-c-%C3%A7evre-ve-%C5%9Fehircilik-bakanl%C4%B1%C4%9F%C4%B1-%C3%A7aycuma-saltukova-ya-termik-santral-yap%C4%B1lmas%C4%B1n

Terme Environment Platform

Terme Environment Platform started its first protest “NO TO POWER PLANTS” with a press statement on Monday September 15, 2014, at 13.30 in TERME.


Terme Environment Platform that started and organized as TERÇEP on September 3 started working within a short time, visited supporting signatory NGOs and prepared and distributed posters, banners and information notes in the city by the help of our young friends. All together we said ”NO TO POWER PLANTS” on September 15 with the participation of people of Terme and environment friends from Samsun, Ünye and Fatsa. NGOs that prepared banners to say no to power plants watched the press release gathering around their banners. Some of the NGO representatives spoke during the press release saying; “Power plants will give harm to Terme, why did they choose Terme as the base, and Terme will not be silent anymore and we say ‘NO TO POWER PLANTS’.” Yetenek Sizsiniz (Turkey’s Got Talent) finalist Fatih Akyıldız, who spoke during the press release, emphasized the importance of green and said that because of power plants those greens would turn into dry and dead leaves showing green and dry leaves in his hands. Another public figure there was our brother Nusret from Evci Çamlıca neighbourhood… He is a protestor who made a name for himself with his previous protests. Our brother Nusret, who lives in the region where ashes of the thermal power plant planned to be built will be stored and where organic hazelnut is cultivated, displayed his colorful personality there as well. He said, showing dry hazelnut leaves, that soon they would be burning those branches which are people’s source of income as firewood, for peanuts, and life in this region would dry out. For this reason he said “NO TO POWER PLANTS”. A woman participator questioned why Terme and administrators were silent and asked everyone not to sell their farms, not to kill green and blue and said “NO TO POWER PLANTS”. At the end of the press release everyone was thanked for participating and the square was left with the wishes TERÇEP not to be left alone in protests to be held in the future. After the press release made by TERÇEP, Terçep executive committee was invited to the meeting. At the meeting inadequacies were addressed and schedule of further work and plans for the continuation of the process were discussed. It was resolved that the case would be watched closely in the public bodies and the process would be followed, a law commission would be set up, and visits would be made to neighbourhoods in cooperation with our mukhtars and religious official friends in order to make the case whole Terme’s concern. It was resolved that a meeting would be held with our mukhtars and religious official friends at the end of the month. It was resolved that it would help to visit news agencies and some of the powers in Samsun in order to keep the case on the agenda constantly. It was resolved that the petition would be followed closely both on paper and online and advertised. Dear People of Terme, Terçep is just a 20-day-old baby as of today. So many things are expected of this baby, who still has crusty eyes, as if Terçep is Superman. Dear People of Terme, you are Terme. You correspond to Terme. Terçep will have a voice if you support it. You are both the Backer ! and protector of Terçep. Friends who say that this is politician’s business, you hold the power to make politicians come to you. Whichever politician who wants to put Terme and you in a bad situation, there is an election ahead of you again, and maybe this will sound a little bit harsh but, finish them off… There are many who give advice and suggestions. However, for now, there are few who give a hand and walk the walk. You will embrace this case dear people of Terme, Terçep is only an initiator in this. People of Gerze won the fight. As women, men and children, they banded together, became one and achieved a victory. We should aim that, too. To achieve such a victory together in unison. Terçep has the potential to be a massive plane tree. And its arms and branches are ESO, TB, TO, ZO, ŞO, MEMURSEN, KAMUSEN, KESK, AKTİFSEN, TİAD, POLITICAL PARTIES, ASSOCIATION OF MUKHTARS AND ASSOCIATION OF RELIGIOUS OFFICIALS AND SUCH associations and opinion leaders, names of which are hard for me to remember. Gaining the support of those names aforementioned is an achievement of Terçep. In the event that Terçep is considered unsuccessful, a plane tree is formed of its leaves, arms and branches. So leaves and branches will be questioned, too. What did you do? Leaves and branches should not forget their duty. With the hope that we have brighter days ahead of us…

Şırnak Environment Platform

Şırnak  Environment Platform, formed by non-governmental organizations in Şırnak, Şırnak Municipality and some trade unions and chambers, primarily fights against the thermal power plant planned to be built in Şırnak.


On behalf of Şırnak Environment Platform, Jihat Ürgen: 0532 734 74 92

for the petition: http://www.change.org/tr/kampanyalar/kömürdenvazgeçgüneşiseç-şırnak-ta-termik-santral-yerine-güneş-santrali-kurulsun-glyhoir


Karabiga Clean Nature Association

Karabiga Nature Platform is a civil initiative fighting against the Cenal Power Plant which belongs to the Alarko Holding, will be coal-fired and planned to be built in Karabiga district of Biga town in Çanakkale.


Karabiga Clean Nature Association, which is the sequent of Karabiga Environment Platform, is a non-governmental organization that walks with some non-governmental organizations and individual initiatives and fights primarily against thermal power plants.

Association spokesperson Aslı Badem: 0536 777 00 99

for the petition : https://www.change.org/tr/kampanyalar/%C3%A7evre-ve-%C5%9Fehircilik-bakanl%C4%B1%C4%9F%C4%B1-%C3%A7anakkale-karabiga-bekirli-k%C3%B6y%C3%BCnde-termik-santrale-hay%C4%B1r

İskenderun Environmental Conservation Association

The explosion at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and what happened thereafter, callousness of the government, misinforming of the public… This was the atmosphere when İskenderun Environmental Conservation Association was founded in 1986.


The year 1986 has been a milestone for İskenderun in terms of environmental conscience. The explosion at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and what happened thereafter, a doomy period even today we don’t want to remember, callousness of the government and government officials, misinforming of the publicİskenderun Environmental Conservation Association was founded in 1986 in such an atmosphere.

The association, which had immediately taken action, was working on current environmental issues, and conferences, school conferences, establishment of an environment library, briefings and press releases kept coming one after the other. The association was reading, getting acquainted and acquainting people around itself.

We realized in a short time that environmental issues were not issues at a local scale. They were issues at regional, national and even global scales. So we needed to increase our numbers. More associations and more human force were necessary.

An environment bulletin was published immediately. In the bulletin texts on how to form an association, charter samples, legislation and as such were broadly included and the bulletin had started to be distributed widely. The public was conscious and concerned. Consequences of Chernobyl disaster known today were being experienced and the environment was getting polluted…

Our call was quickly responded and environmental conservation associations were formed in Antakya, Osmaniye, Adana, Tarsus and Mersin one after another. Later on associations in Silifke, Kazanlı, Harbiye, Kahraman Maraş, Payas, Odabaşı, Erzin, Pozantı joined us. Our numbers gradually increased, we were growing with financial and moral support of the public.

At such a time, we held a meeting with existing associations in February 1, 1991 in Adana, with the question of whether environment conservation associations could work together. This was the first meeting of DAÇE, which would be named East Mediterranean Environment Associations (DAÇE) afterwards.

The fight against nuclear that started in Akkuyu is a long and intense process which held conflicts and contradictions from time to time and was continued with contributions and participations of thousands of people from all over Turkey and sometimes from abroad. It ended with the decision of Ecevit’s government at the time to postpone the construction of it, and activated again today.

We, as the environmentalists of the East Mediterranean, participated in all activities organized in the region. We more or less contributed to scheduling, announcement and carrying out of meetings, festivals, rallies and marches. Not satisfied with these, we organized other activities at local and regional scales for the fight against nuclear to spread over a wider area.

As İskenderun Environment Conservation Association, in addition to DAÇE activities;

Legal and local fights against m/v Ulla, the ship carrying hazardous waste sunk in the Gulf of İskenderun, local pollutants in the Gulf of İskenderun, the issue of quarries, projects threatening bird migration routes and currently more than 12 thermal power plants planned to be built in the Gulf of İskenderun continue with our association’s guidance.

for the petition : http://www.change.org/tr/kampanyalar/doğayı-katlederek-insanlar-üzerinden-para-kazanma-hırsı-olanlara-canlı-yaşamına-son-verecek-olan-termik-santralleri-bölgemizde-istemiyoruz

for the petition : http://www.change.org/tr/kampanyalar/diler-holding-temiz-iskenderun-i%C3%A7in-termik-santral-yerine-g%C3%BCne%C5%9F-ve-r%C3%BCzgara-yat%C4%B1r%C4%B1m-yap%C4%B1n

for the petition : http://www.change.org/tr/kampanyalar/diler-holding-temiz-iskenderun-için-termik-santral-yerine-güneş-ve-rüzgara-yatırım-yapın