FOÇEP: Foça Environment and Culture Platform

Foçep fights against environmental problems in İzmir, Foça and nearby areas, notably coal-fired thermal power plants planned to be built in Aliağa.


To bring conscious citizens in our region together and to form a civil democratic initiative, a pressure group independent from government agencies, bodies and statements against those policies in face of threats to human health, environment, nature and culture at the national and local levels.

Contact: Bahadır Doğutürk 0532 573 69 64

Wildlife Conservation Foundation – DAYKO

It aims to be a pioneer non-governmental organization for sustainable use of natural sources that educates the youth who will be in charge of protection of natural assets, seeks peace, integrates with public, stands alongside labour and draws its strength from wildlife. 


It works to conserve biodiversity of our country and enable sustainable use of natural sources while ensuring the safety of local people. It believes that people can live in harmony with nature and works to leave a liveable world to our children. DAYKO, which states its vision as ‘recognizing the value of Turkey’s spectacularly rich variety of plant and animal species and their natural habitats and conserving them’, with this objective runs conservation projects, carries out activities for the enforcement and improvement of relevant laws; cooperates with public, local or central organizations and legal entities and administrators.

Çanakkale Environment Platform

It consists of trade unions, chambers, municipalities, associations and individuals whose concerns are primarily the environmental issues stemming from gold mining in Mount Ida, the thermal power plants and corporations creating industrial pollution and the protection of cultural property in Çanakkale.


Çanakkale Environment Platform Incumbent Spokesperson Hicri Nalbant: 0533 612 71 20

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It is an environmental association that aims to fight against global warming, stop the use of fossil fuels and protect the ecosystem. 


The association regards nature as a whole. Humans, animals, plants, seas, lands, mountains and ice masses are all parts of nature. We humans should not harm ourselves and the elements composing nature while we are developing. Humans disrupt the balance of nature and harm it unawares as a consequence of mindless cultivation, unplanned urbanization and industrialization.

The association aims to enlighten people in order to prevent potential damage to the whole. And another agenda of the association is to ensure consumers to be informed as well as show aggrieved consumers solutions and inform them of their rights. The association was also founded to activate and develop civil society activities and support individuals and institutions that work on this subject.

Contact, Chairperson of the Association Sadun Bölükbaşı: 0532 440 43 99

Çanakkale Environment Platform

It consists of trade unions, chambers, municipalities, associations and individuals whose concerns are primarily the environmental issues stemming from gold mining in Mount Ida, the thermal power plants and corporations creating industrial pollution and the protection of cultural property in Çanakkale.


Çanakkale Environment Platform Incumbent Spokesperson Hicri Nalbant: 0533 612 71 20

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for the petition :çanakkaledeki-doğa-katliami

Bartın Platform

Bartın Platform runs campaigns against coal-fired thermal power plants that the electricity generation companies Hema Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. and Batı Karadeniz Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. affiliated to Hattat Holding want to build.


“Bartın Platform” was founded as a result of a meeting, dated April 9, 2010, which brought institutions and individuals who thought that a thermal power plant to be built in Amasra would be harmful for the environment, human health and Bartın’s economy. The social and legal fight against the thermal power plant will be carried on under this platform from now on. We call out for all institutions that would not let Bartın’s future be darkened to participate in this platform. We, the undersigned; call for the building company to give up their insistence on building the thermal power plant that is contrary to the legislation and existing plans and will end the tourism, agriculture, forestry, fishery and healthy life in Bartın by taking part of air, water and soil of People of Bartın, and to do more serious work on coal production if they are frank about coal excavation.

  • Rıza Yalçınkaya, Bartın MP
  • Cemal Akın, Bartın Mayor
  • Emin Timur, Amasra Mayor
  • Hüseyin Ulus, Ulus Mayor
  • Yaşar Kaçan, Gömü Village Mukhtar
  • Yaşar Uçar, Tarlaağzı Village Mukhtar
  • Orhan Çaça, Provincial Councillor
  • Ayhan Özçelik, Provincial Councillor
  • Uğur Timur, Provincial Councillor
  • Aynur Yıldırım, Provincial Councillor
  • Aykut Oktay Ulu, Bartın Municipal Councillor
  • Bayram Yorulmaz, Bartın Municipal Councillor
  • Ender Çil, Bartın Municipial Councillor
  • Fahri Fırıncıoğlu, Bartın Municipal Councillor
  • Hüseyin Taner Çetin, Bartın Deputy Mayor – Municipal Councillor
  • Kemal Gözen, Bartın Municipal Councillor
  • Celal Erdoğan, Bartın Municipal Councillor
  • Necmi Balık, Bartın Municipal Councillor
  • Serhat Çörek, Bartın Municipal Councillor
  • Sinan Öztabak, Bartın Municipal Councillor
  • Şemsettin Çöme, Bartın Municipal Councillor
  • Tuğçe Gök, Bartın Municipal Councillor
  • Turhan Koç, Bartın Municipal Councillor
  • Ahmet Altundağ, Amasra Municipal Councillor
  • Ali Rıza Dönmez, Amasra Municipal Councillor
  • Bora Ömer Işıkal, Amasra Municipal Councillor
  • Mehmet Işık, Amasra Municipal Councillor
  • Mehmet Martı, Amasra Municipal Councillor
  • Nuri İslam Çil, Amasra Municipal Councillor
  • Şinasi Demirok, Amasra Municipal Councillor
  • Ünal Altınyay, Amasra Municipal Councillor
  • Ünal Serdar, Amasra Municipal Councillor
  • Kamil Altan, Bartın Bar President
  • Şeref Yıldız, Bartın Former Bar President
  • Şahin Çeçen, Chamber of Physicians (Tabibler Odası)
  • Ayşe Sargın, Chamber of Pharmacists (Eczacılar Odası) Representative
  • İsmail Toksöz, Bartın Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Bartın Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası) Chairperson
  • Gökhan Güneş, Chamber of Dentists (Diş Hekimleri Odası)
  • Baha Karakaş, Chamber of Public Accountants (Mali Müşavirler Odası)
  • Fatih Kanbur, Chamber of Civil Engineers (İnşaat Mühendisleri Odası) Representative
  • Figen Kemik, Chamber of Agricultural Engineers (Ziraat Mühendisleri Odası) Representative
  • Kemal Çubukçu, Chamber of Architects (Mimarlar Odası) Representative
  • Mahmut Demirok, Chamber of Electrical Engineers (Elektrik Mühendisleri Odası) Representative
  • Murat Erkaya, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers (Makine Mühendisleri Odası) Representative
  • Mustafa Artar, Board Member of Chamber of Landscape Architects (Peyzaj Mimarları Odası) Head Office
  • Nezih Turhan, Chamber of Survey and Cadastre Engineers (Harita ve Kadastro Mühendisleri Odası) Representative
  • Refik Bilaloğlu, Chamber of Geological Engineers (Jeoloji Mühendisleri Odası) Representative
  • Sevgi Görmüş, Chamber of Landscape Architects (Peyzaj Mimarları Odası) Representative
  • Fahri Güler, Democratic Left Party (DSP) Provincial Head
  • Fatma Özcan, Republican People’s Party (CHP) Women’s Branch
  • Hasan Kurt, CHP Amasra District Head
  • Mazhar Lapacı, DSP Central District Head
  • Mehmet Gümüş, CHP Central District Head
  • Orhan İncereis, Freedom and Solidarity Party (Özgürlük ve Dayanışma Partisi, ÖDP) Provincial Head
  • Selim Karakaş, CHP Provincial Head
  • Sezai Bilgin, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Provincial Head
  • Tevabil Düzgün, ÖDP Amasra Branch Head
  • Ünal Yurtbay, Felicity Party (Saadet Partisi) Provincial Head
  • Yaşar Sinoplu, Felicity Party Deputy Provincial Head
  • Sabri Tutum, Union of Chambers of Merchants and Craftsmen (Esnaf ve Sanatkarlar Odaları Birliği)
  • Ali Ağartan, Chamber of Carpenters (Marangozlar Odası)
  • Cemal Zeybek, Chamber of Barbers and Hairdressers (Berberler ve Kuaförler Odası)
  • Coşkun Yüksel, Amasra Chamber of Merchants (Amasra Esnaf Odası)
  • İsmet Fındık, Chamber of Grocers and Dealers (Bakkal ve Bayiler Odası)
  • Metin Ülker, Bartın Chamber of Tailors (Bartın Terziler Odası)
  • Necati Akman, Ulus Chamber of Merchants (Ulus Esnaf Odası)
  • Sinan Amasralı, Bartın Chamber of Drivers (Bartın Şoförler Odası)
  • Turhan Karayel, Chamber of Coffeehouse Keepers (Kahveciler Odası)
  • Yılmaz Akdeniz, Chamber of Hardware and Industrialists (Madeni Eşya ve Sanayiciler Odası)
  • Kadir Akal, Bartın Merchants’ Cooperatives (Bartın Esnaf Kefaret Kooperatifleri) Chairperson
  • Mehmet Sağırosman, Amasra Merchants’ Cooperatives (Amasra Esnaf Kefaret Kooperatifleri) Chairperson
  • Avni Balcı, Amasra Fisheries Cooperative (Amasra Su Ürünleri Kooperatifi) Chairperson
  • Ahmet Güngörmez, Amasra Sailing Club (Amasra Yelken Kulübü)
  • Ali Ünsal Keskiner, Bartın Association for Conservation of Environment-Culture and Natural Habitats (Bartın Çevre-Kültür ve Doğal Varlıkları Kor. Der.)
  • Erdoğan Atmiş, Foresters’ Association of Turkey (Türkiye Ormancılar Derneği) Representative
  • Esin Eren, Bartın Education and Culture Association (Bartın Eğitim ve Kültür Derneği, BEKDER)
  • Hasan Cengiz, Amasra Culture and Tourism Association (Amasra Kültür ve Turizm Derneği)
  • Hüseyin ÇOBAN, ÇEKÜL Representative
  • Sönmez Tığ, Bartın Embroidery with Flat Strip of Metal Association (Bartın Tel Kırma Derneği)
  • İsmail Kulaç, Retired Workers Association (İşçi Emeklileri Derneği)
  • Jale Genç, Philanthropic Association (Yardımsevenler Derneği)
  • Kadriye Bilaloğlu, Bartın Association of Protc. and Cons. of Cultural Property (Bartın Kültür Varlıkları Kor. Ve Yaş. Der.)
  • Barış Özkan, Atatürkist Thought Association (ADD) Bartın Branch
  • Necdet Aydemir, Bartın Contemporary Journalists Association (Bartın Çağdaş Gazeteciler Derneği) Chairperson
  • Halil Tekin, Bartın Journalists Association (Bartın Gazeteciler Derneği)
  • Nevaz Küçükekşi, Animal Welfare Association (Hayvansevenler Derneği)
  • Sena Bayrak, Bartın Lions Club
  • Kubilay Menteş, Bartın Fine Arts and Tourism Association (Bartın Güzel Sanatlar ve Turizm Derneği)
  • Özkan Küçüktabak, Bartın Embroidery with Flat Strip of Metal Association
  • Sabri Aktaş, Turkish Aeronautical Association (Türk Hava Kurumu) Bartın Branch Head
  • Sabri Çavuşoğlu, Bartın Tourism Association (Bartın Turizm Derneği)
  • Tahir Erçatan, Mining Technicians’ Association (Maden Teknikerleri Derneği) (Amasra)
  • Zafer Gecegörür, Bartın Culture and Art Association -Bartın Regional Theatre (Bartın Kültür ve Sanat Derneği-Bartın Bölge Tiyatrosu)
  • Yurdanur Topçu, ADD Amasra Branch
  • Ali Kaya, Association of Building Cooperatives (Yapı Kooperatifleri Birliği)
  • Ayşe Sevtap Uzun, Bartın Environment Assembly (Bartın Çevre Meclisi)
  • Şevki Bayraktaroğlu, Bartın Environment Assembly
  • Recai Çakır, Amasra Environmental Union (Amasra Çevre Birlikteliği)
  • Çetin Asma, Researcher
  • İbrahim Güre, Amasra Municipality Press and Public Relations Manager
  • Ahmet Demirci, Amasra Boztepe Neighbourhood Mukhtar
  • Hasan Tosun, Kum Neighbourhood Mukhtar
  • Mustafa Saylam, Amasra Fatih Neighbourhood Mukhtar
  • Mustafa Seyis, Amasra Kaleiçi Neighbourhood Mukhtar
  • Abdullah Altıntaş, Türkiş Yol-iş Trade Union No.2
  • Ali Bayrak, Energy Assoc.-Union (Enerji Bir-Sen) Provincial Representative
  • Bayram Şimşek, Education-Union (Eğitim-Sen) Bartın Branch-KESK Incumbent Spokesperson
  • Eser Aydın, Healthcare Labourers’ Union (Sağlık Emekçileri Sendikası, SES)
  • Hakkı Arslan, Miners’ Labour Union (Genel Maden İş Sendikası) Amasra Branch
  • Naci Durmuş, Civil Servants’ Trade Union (Memur-Sen) Provincial Representative -Healthcare Union (Sağlık Sen)
  • Sezai Hangişi, Turkish Public Workers’ Labor Union (Türkiye Kamusen) Prov. Rep.-Turkish Education Union (Türk Eğitim Sen)
  • Suat Hayri Ayaz, Confederation of Public Employees’ Trade Unions (Kesk) Amasra Representative
  • Tayfun Kalender, Bureau Workers’ Union (Büro Emekçileri Sendikası, BES)
  • Uysal Darçın, Confederation of Turkish Trade Unions (Türk-İş), Road, Construction and Building Workers Union (Yol-İş) No.1
  • Ahmet Ardıç, Bartın Federation of Associations (Bartın Dernekler Federasyonu, BARFED)
  • Bulut Dönmez (İstanbul), Bartın Environmental Volunteers (Bartın Çevre Gönüllüleri)
  • Hakan Yatar, Association of People From Bartın in Zonguldak (Zonguldak Bartınlılar Derneği)
  • Kemal Nalbant, Zonguldak Bartın Province Solidarity and Cooperation Association (Zonguldak Bartın İli Yardımlaşma Dayanışma Derneği)
  • Zeki Güney, BARKOZDER (Bartın Kozcağız and Nearby Villages Solidarity and Cooperation Association)
  • Ramazan Özdemir (İstanbul), 74Bartin Facebook Communication Group
  • Dr. Metin Sarıbaş, Academician
  • Mukadder Usanmaz, Environmental Law Association (Çevre Hukuku Derneği) EB Dep. Chr. (İstanbul)
  • Bünyamin Acınal, Kurucaşile Eco-Tourism and Eco-Agriculture Association (Kurucaşile Eko-Turizm ve Eko-Tarım Derneği)
  • İlhan Ergül, Kurucaşile Eco-Tourism and Eco-Agriculture Association Bartın Representative
  • Mehmet Metin, Education Workers’ Union (Eğitim İş Sendikası) Bartın Representative
  • Nihat Alevli, Chamber of Forest Engineers (Orman Mühendisleri Odası) Bartın Provincial Representative
  • Cengiz Gündaş, Friends of Nature Association (Doğayı Sevenler Derneği) Chairperson
  • Adem Dayı, Topluca Village Mukhtar
  • Mehmet Baltutar, Gürgenpınarı Village Mukhtar
  • Necmi Uyan Güzelcehisar Village Mukhtar
  • Munir Fazıl Seyhan, Kırtepe Neighbourhood Mukhtar
  • Hasan Sinoplu, Çakırdemirci Village Mukhtar
  • Emin Lütfü Tunusluoğlu, Karasu Village Mukhtar
  • Ayhan Keser, LL. Bartın Truckers Cooperative (SS. Bartın Kamyoncular Kooperatifi) Chairperson
  • Galip Aslan, Ulus Aşağıçerçi Beautification Association (Ulus Aşağıçerçi Güzelleştirme Derneği) Chairperson
  • Coşkun Yılmaz, People From Ulus Living Around Bartın Culture, Solidarity and Cooperation Association (Bartın Çevresinde Yaşayan Uluslular Kültür Day. ve Yard. Der.)
  • Ahmet Yılmaz, Drahna Environmental Development Education and Solidarity Association (Drahna Çevre Kalkınma Eğitim Kültür ve Dayanışma Derneği)
  • Şenol Yağcı, Hoca Village Mukhtar
  • Altan Işık, Bartın Youth Change Association (Bartın Gençlik Değişim Derneği)
  • Bahattin Çakır, Anatolia Culture and Solidarity Association for All Disabled People (Anadolu Tüm Engelliler Kültür ve Dayanışma)
  • Ertan Çolakoğlu, Rights and Equality Party (Hak ve Eşitlik Partisi) Bartın Provincial Head
  • Reşat Günay, Bartın Province Mukhtars’ Association (Bartın İli Muhtarlar Derneği) Chairperson
  • Hacı Gölbucaklı, Young Party (Genç Parti) Provincial Head
  • Adnan Akgün, Çatalağzı Environmental Protection Association (ÇAÇEV) Chairperson
  • Recai SAKA, Tarlaağzı Village Tourism and Protection, Conservation, Beautification of Environment and Solidarity Association (Tarlaağzı Köyü Turizm, Çevre Koruma, Yaşatma, Güzelleştirme ve Yardımlaşma Derneği)
  • Murat İZLER, ADD Bartın Former Chairperson
  • Adil Aloğlu ADD Ulus Branch Chairperson

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for the petition :çevre-ve-şehircilik-bakanlığı-kdz-ereğli-amasra-arasında-planlanan-termik-santrallere-izin-verilmesin


“We Don’t Want A Thermal Power Plant In Ergene” Protest

ergenede-termik-santral-istemiyoruz-eylemi-220615   –   2015-06-22 08:37:58 +0300

Protests by people who do not want the thermal power plant planned to be built in Ergene district of Tekirdağ Province caused the EIA meeting to be postponed. 


A group objecting to the thermal power plant planned to be built in Ergene district gathered in front of the municipal wedding hall where the EIA meeting was going to be held. Crowd holding placards that read ‘we don’t want a thermal power plant’ and ‘a liveable environment, is it too much to ask’ chanted slogans.

Republican People’s Party (CHP) Tekirdağ MP Emre Köprülü, who participated in the protest and stated that people do not want a thermal power plant, said: “We have gathered here against oppression. The important thing here is this: Our municipality did not agree and permit it when the subject matter on the thermal power plant was brought to the Ergene Municipality. There was a decision issued last term. The Environment and Urbanization Ministry took over from the municipality and decided the power plant will be built. Now an EIA meeting will be held and public opinion will be heard. Why are you overruling the municipality elected by people here and giving permission as the ministry? This municipality was elected by people’s votes. It represents people. No, there will neither be a meeting nor a power plant.”


10-year old Melek Çabuker who participated in the protest of people against the thermal power plant with her mother burst into tears. Her mother and other participators of the protest calmed her.


Ergene Mayor Rasim Yüksel from CHP stated that giant food companies in the region decided to leave in case this thermal power plant is built. Yüksek who said that they will sue to stop the thermal power plant being built, said: “We started working on this matter before you. When the subject was brought up to the Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) agenda, we discussed and said ‘no’. It is clearly stated in OIZ laws that this cannot be done. We expressed our opinion about this. We are against the power plant, we will go to any length and will also sue.” MINUTES WERE RECORDED

Tekirdağ Environment and Urbanization officials and company representatives who came for the EIA briefing reported that the meeting could not be held due to public backlash. Tekirdağ Environment And Urbanization Deputy Director Kaan Sinan Tohumcu said “Modern Karton Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. had made an application to us for an EIA for the coal-fired steam electric power plant. We wanted to inform people about this. We witnessed the backlash and we are having a meeting to convey it to the ministry. People here don’t want to be informed, these will be recorded in the minutes.” and left the town.


We Love Gölbaşı, We Don’t Want A Thermal Power Plant!

golbasini-seviyoruz-termik-santral-istemiyoruz-250515   –   2015-05-25 11:48:37 +0300

Gölbaşı Environmental and Nature Conservation Association protested against the thermal power plant project planned to be built in the district organizing a march in Gölbaşı, Adıyaman on May 23, Saturday.




It is known that thermal power plants devastate wildlife causing damages to human health and the environment. Recently, developed countries started to abandon industrial policies that prescribe fossil fuel-dependent electricity generation due to the harm caused to human and environmental health. Responsible actions and reactions of local communities protecting their air, water, soil and human health were the determinant of policy changes. These developments led to multi-national and local power generation companies that use fossil fuel technology to shift their investments into developing countries such as Turkey.

One of the new thermal power plants is planned to be built in Gölbaşı District in Turkey. The plans to build thermal power plant in Harmanlı – Kalemkaş area are in the public domain. The thermal power plant to be built in our region poses major threat to human health and the environment. In order for the plant to generate power, approximately 1 million 700 thousand tons of coal will be burned. Burning coal will release high amounts of sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), ozone (O3), hydrocarbons, and particulate matter (PM). Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides released into air are primarily responsible for the occurrence of acid rain. This will be the end of grape cultivation and all agricultural activities that are important sources of income in our region. Due to waste disposed by these power plants, natural environment will be destroyed starting with vegetation, all natural habitats will be adversely affected and thus it will be impossible to carry out livestock activities.

It has been reported that the water to be used for the thermal power plant will be drawn from 2 wells that will be drilled around the Göksu brook. The power plant needs 430 tons of water per hour for power generation. 106 tons of the used water will come out as dirty water. This indicates that fresh water sources will be polluted, agricultural irrigation will come to a stopping point and the need for clean water will arise.

Another information in the EIA application file is that an ash storage area will be built and the ash will be stored underground. Radon (Ra222) occurred in ash dump sites (ash landfills) comes in contact with air. Even if the ash is covered with soil, Radon penetrates through soil pores and mixes with the air. The gas mixed with air can decay into Polonium (Po210) and active lead (Pb210) in a period of 3.8 days. Therefore ash piles emit radiation. Perhaps the most critical substance of all released through the chimney is uranium, which is contained in lignite and released during combustion and emitted. And uranium found in ashes creates another problem. These gases, which are highly hazardous in terms of human health, will cause a significant increase in cancer incidence in the region.

Although electrostatic precipitators planned to be used in the thermal power plant to collect dust and ash are 65-70% effective, efficiency of these units is doubtful since electrostatic precipitators are the most frequently failing units in thermal power plants and it is uncertain if production will be stopped during a breakdown. 56 tons of ash will mix into the air per hour in the event that these precipitators fail.

Recently, medical associations including TMA have issued a joint press release in response to coal-fired thermal power plant investments gathering speed for the past couple of years and an alarming increase in air pollution in cities in Turkey. In the press release, it was pointed out that an estimated 28 thousand 924 people lost their lives as a result of outdoor particle matter (PM) and ozone exposure just in 2010 in Turkey.

The company, which bought people’s farms for prices far above their value, destroys cultivated areas and leaves people no choice other than working for minimum wage.

Companies try to fool people using unemployment as an excuse in order to hide the possible environmental disaster. It should not be forgotten that no employment policy should be implemented disregarding thousands of people’s health. Companies that promise temporary jobs and try to fool people this way are hiding the fact that work environment of people whose source of income is agriculture and livestock farming will be destroyed after the thermal power plant starts to operate.

You cannot hide the environmental pollution you will cause by granting municipalities 300 meters of interlocking paving stones, allocating construction equipment for free or building one or two water fountains.


For all these reasons, we, the undersigned;

WİLL NOT SELL our children’s future for a thermal power plant of a 20-year lifetime. We will not allow the nature of our Gölbaşı to be polluted.

For our Clean Air not be destroyed, for our Forests not to be destroyed, for our Cultivated Areas not to be destroyed, for the Animal Species not to be destroyed, and together with the ecosystem for US, THE PEOPLE, NOT TO BE DESTROYED; WE DO NOT WANT A THERMAL POWER PLANT IN GÖLBAŞI!!!!

We want alternative electricity generation projects and clean energy implementations that are harmless to living creatures and the nature to be realized.