It is an environmental association that aims to fight against global warming, stop the use of fossil fuels and protect the ecosystem. 


The association regards nature as a whole. Humans, animals, plants, seas, lands, mountains and ice masses are all parts of nature. We humans should not harm ourselves and the elements composing nature while we are developing. Humans disrupt the balance of nature and harm it unawares as a consequence of mindless cultivation, unplanned urbanization and industrialization.

The association aims to enlighten people in order to prevent potential damage to the whole. And another agenda of the association is to ensure consumers to be informed as well as show aggrieved consumers solutions and inform them of their rights. The association was also founded to activate and develop civil society activities and support individuals and institutions that work on this subject.

Contact, Chairperson of the Association Sadun Bölükbaşı: 0532 440 43 99