Green Suluova Platform

We Don’t Want A Thermal Power Plant in Suluova


Why do you want to kill us ?

What harm has Suluova ever done to you ?

You don’t have the right to kill us.

We want a life free of coal!

We are humans. We cannot survive without soil, water and air. Humanity is not about money. This is what we know, this is what we say. So, what to do against the coal-fired power plant casting dark clouds over our land? Resist! Because we know that the power plant will turn our future into ash. It will impoverish our soil, intoxicate our air and water and make us sick and leave us homeless. When our children and grandchildren grow up, won’t they ask about what happened when they see old photos and hear the things told? Won’t they ask ‘what have you done to these places?’ They will. Are we going to say: “You are breathing dirty air because the authorities at the time approved it to be so”? We cannot. Our legacy to them should be clean air and unspoiled nature. We will fight primarily for this. Because, like we said, as opposed to what power plant people think, humanity is not about money.

for the petition :ılmasına-lütfen-izin-vermeyin-rt-erdogan-yesilsuluova