İskenderun Environmental Conservation Association


The explosion at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and what happened thereafter, callousness of the government, misinforming of the public… This was the atmosphere when İskenderun Environmental Conservation Association was founded in 1986.


The year 1986 has been a milestone for İskenderun in terms of environmental conscience. The explosion at Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and what happened thereafter, a doomy period even today we don’t want to remember, callousness of the government and government officials, misinforming of the publicİskenderun Environmental Conservation Association was founded in 1986 in such an atmosphere.

The association, which had immediately taken action, was working on current environmental issues, and conferences, school conferences, establishment of an environment library, briefings and press releases kept coming one after the other. The association was reading, getting acquainted and acquainting people around itself.

We realized in a short time that environmental issues were not issues at a local scale. They were issues at regional, national and even global scales. So we needed to increase our numbers. More associations and more human force were necessary.

An environment bulletin was published immediately. In the bulletin texts on how to form an association, charter samples, legislation and as such were broadly included and the bulletin had started to be distributed widely. The public was conscious and concerned. Consequences of Chernobyl disaster known today were being experienced and the environment was getting polluted…

Our call was quickly responded and environmental conservation associations were formed in Antakya, Osmaniye, Adana, Tarsus and Mersin one after another. Later on associations in Silifke, Kazanlı, Harbiye, Kahraman Maraş, Payas, Odabaşı, Erzin, Pozantı joined us. Our numbers gradually increased, we were growing with financial and moral support of the public.

At such a time, we held a meeting with existing associations in February 1, 1991 in Adana, with the question of whether environment conservation associations could work together. This was the first meeting of DAÇE, which would be named East Mediterranean Environment Associations (DAÇE) afterwards.

The fight against nuclear that started in Akkuyu is a long and intense process which held conflicts and contradictions from time to time and was continued with contributions and participations of thousands of people from all over Turkey and sometimes from abroad. It ended with the decision of Ecevit’s government at the time to postpone the construction of it, and activated again today.

We, as the environmentalists of the East Mediterranean, participated in all activities organized in the region. We more or less contributed to scheduling, announcement and carrying out of meetings, festivals, rallies and marches. Not satisfied with these, we organized other activities at local and regional scales for the fight against nuclear to spread over a wider area.

As İskenderun Environment Conservation Association, in addition to DAÇE activities;

Legal and local fights against m/v Ulla, the ship carrying hazardous waste sunk in the Gulf of İskenderun, local pollutants in the Gulf of İskenderun, the issue of quarries, projects threatening bird migration routes and currently more than 12 thermal power plants planned to be built in the Gulf of İskenderun continue with our association’s guidance.

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