“We Don’t Want A Thermal Power Plant In Ergene” Protest


ergenede-termik-santral-istemiyoruz-eylemi-220615   –   2015-06-22 08:37:58 +0300

Protests by people who do not want the thermal power plant planned to be built in Ergene district of Tekirdağ Province caused the EIA meeting to be postponed. 


A group objecting to the thermal power plant planned to be built in Ergene district gathered in front of the municipal wedding hall where the EIA meeting was going to be held. Crowd holding placards that read ‘we don’t want a thermal power plant’ and ‘a liveable environment, is it too much to ask’ chanted slogans.

Republican People’s Party (CHP) Tekirdağ MP Emre Köprülü, who participated in the protest and stated that people do not want a thermal power plant, said: “We have gathered here against oppression. The important thing here is this: Our municipality did not agree and permit it when the subject matter on the thermal power plant was brought to the Ergene Municipality. There was a decision issued last term. The Environment and Urbanization Ministry took over from the municipality and decided the power plant will be built. Now an EIA meeting will be held and public opinion will be heard. Why are you overruling the municipality elected by people here and giving permission as the ministry? This municipality was elected by people’s votes. It represents people. No, there will neither be a meeting nor a power plant.”


10-year old Melek Çabuker who participated in the protest of people against the thermal power plant with her mother burst into tears. Her mother and other participators of the protest calmed her.


Ergene Mayor Rasim Yüksel from CHP stated that giant food companies in the region decided to leave in case this thermal power plant is built. Yüksek who said that they will sue to stop the thermal power plant being built, said: “We started working on this matter before you. When the subject was brought up to the Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) agenda, we discussed and said ‘no’. It is clearly stated in OIZ laws that this cannot be done. We expressed our opinion about this. We are against the power plant, we will go to any length and will also sue.” MINUTES WERE RECORDED

Tekirdağ Environment and Urbanization officials and company representatives who came for the EIA briefing reported that the meeting could not be held due to public backlash. Tekirdağ Environment And Urbanization Deputy Director Kaan Sinan Tohumcu said “Modern Karton Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. had made an application to us for an EIA for the coal-fired steam electric power plant. We wanted to inform people about this. We witnessed the backlash and we are having a meeting to convey it to the ministry. People here don’t want to be informed, these will be recorded in the minutes.” and left the town.